Looking Good Changes Our Mood

19 March 2020


It’s not easy to write an article about fashion nowadays….. What initially comes to my mind after my personal experience and after talking with friends and customers, is that wearing pyjamas all day long was tempting. In the long run however, I find it disorienting leading me to be unorganised and unwilling to work. Being organised is essential even through this difficult phase of our lives.

I would suggest to try and keep a specific time of getting up in the morning. Groom yourself for your own personal hygiene and to make you feel good. Looking good and healthy changes our mood, makes us feel better.

If you are not going to work online and in no need to appear on screen, a casual , comfortable outfit is mostly suitable. An athleisure style of clothing will make you feel comfortable and even prompt you for exercise during break times. Try to wear natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose, tencel which are mostly friendly to your skin, they are breathable and keep you from sweating. It doesn’t matter whether the supermarket or walking your dog are the only reasons to go out of the house. Take time to look yourself in the mirror before exiting the house.

In case you have a telemeeting, you have to look smart in a comfortable business attire. A comfortable cotton shirt or polo shirt and trousers with a touch of stretch will be easy and smart to wear.

Colour generally uplifts our mood. So try to avoid dark colours and opt for spring pastel colors or strong bold ones, depending your personality. Leave aside the dark wintery colours, it’s time to change your wardrobe and refresh your spring clothes. Despite the fact that we stay indoors, spring is blooming. We have to keep our spirits high.

Use your balcony or garden to sunbathe during the beautiful sunny days. Vitamin D is vital for our body. So dress in your bathing suit or shorts, t-shirt, sun hat and get ready for the spring sun rays.

It’s important to look healthy and beautiful for your own sake but also for the people around you. The way you look and behave, generally affects the mood of the people sharing your home.

Pamper yourself in the evening, keep looking good, keep looking sexy.