About Modellina

Natural, sustainable, high quality fabrics, perfect fitting, unique designs and professional styling advice is what Modellina Boutique stands for. Our brands are well known for their high standards, durable garments over the years, using fabrics with respect to the environment and animals. Eco-cotton, linen, silk, wool, cashmere, viscose, modal are the basic fabrics of our collections. Synthetic fabrics are also used but effort is made to be kept to the minimum.

Our collections range from small up to curvy sizes. Style, not size or age is important to us. Our professional personnel will assist you with styling advice appropriate to your personality and needs. Alteration on the garments is offered free of charge by our experienced tailor.

We do care to make each woman stand out from the crowd regardless of the purpose of the chosen outfit – taking the kids to school, a usual day at work, relaxing with friends or going out in the evening.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Our interest is in people: our customers, the people who work with us.

Community Engagement:

For many years, our company has been committed to helping people in need and socially disadvantaged groups. Helping people to help themselves is our drive. Please read the “Blog” section of our site to find out about our activities.


We carefully select our suppliers based on our values and principles:

  • Sustainability and innovation in fashion, thus more value for our customers.  For the future, we want to further expand this commitment and increase the proportion of sustainable fibres step by step.
  • Comply with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Fair Labour Association. This is of utmost importance to our company. ILO prohibits child labour, forced labour. Our suppliers set Code of Conduct with the fabric producing companies, giving guidelines on wages, working hours, health and safety at the workplace. 
  • Responsible production and the preservation of natural resources. We cooperate with companies who respect the fundamental principles of environmental protection and animal welfare. 

    I am a Fan of MODELLINA! Whoever said that style doesn’t bring happiness
    didn’t know where to shop. When I shop, the world gets better. The staff in the shop help
    me choose and match colours, fabrics, styles and make me happy! In the shop you find a look
    to accommodate every lady, no matter your style, size or budget.

    Roula Kyrillou-Ioannidou
    Executive Vice President EAEC


    Full-figured and Fabulous indeed! I just got my order and I LOVE everything!
    I absolutely adore the trendy styles this store offers.

    Happy Client


    What I most appreciate during my beautiful escapades to Modellina is the warm welcome
    of the two lovely vendeuses and the invaluable advice and refined taste of a most experienced entrepreneuse,
    Mrs Ioli, the amazing owner and manageress of this unique boutique!

    Marina Christodoulou
    Teacher of French at the Falcon School , Nicosia